Sea Island Systems

Services List

Bug stomping Does your Vista application suffer a bug infestation? Refer the problem to our team of Vista experts. We use high-powered methods to track resistant bugs and exterminate them without mercy.

Caché Database design and programming for Intersystems Caché, the e-DBMS.

Client-Server Applications Design and development of RPC-Broker based applications for Vista using Delphi and M.

Delphi Applications Design and development of specialized Windows applications using the Delphi IDE.

Dot net Coming soon!.. ASP web development with Microsoft Visual Studio .Net.

Fileman Applications Development Our associates develop and customize stand-alone Fileman applications, and client-server applications based on Fileman database APIs.

Interfacing Do you need an interface for an instrument or application? We design and code interfaces based on HL7 or ASTM 1381/1394. We also code to proprietary protocols and non-standard data formats.

M programming Development and support of custom M programs based on the M portability standard, and the VA Standards and Conventions.

OOPS Object-oriented programming and object database design.

Support Technical support for Kernel, Fileman, Mailman, and Vista applications, including installation, configuration, customization, enhancements, training, and continued operational support.

Training Applications-level and specialized technical training is available through Sea Island Systems associates.

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